In the 21st Century, more than 3.3 billion mobile telephone subscriptions exist throughout the world -- equal to half of the global population. While it goes without saying that a large portion of these numbers belong to the same person or company, the statistic is still significant enough to warrant a means of intercommunication between devices, regardless of the provider. That is why our team is proposing a non-biased inter-provider mobile application to quickly communicate and locate friends in a secure, sociable manner. Users will have the ability to add buddies and transmit information between each other through a central server, providing a controllable means of securing that data.

How many times have you run into a friend and through conversation realized that you had been in the same place at the same time, but managed to not cross paths? It's happened to us more than once. Imagine being able to receive alerts on your mobile phone when friends are in the area, being able to send or request an exact location to meet, and being able to hook up with an old buddy without the headache of planning. This technology would enable you to stay in touch with more people in the most convenient way possible.