Ernie Costa
Ernie Costa Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Contact: [email protected]

Ernie originally hailed from the beaches of New Jersey, but decided on attending school at Florida Tech after a few visits down. He enjoys (American) football, baseball, funky bands, socializing, the occasional fist-pumping, and cars that go really fast in straight lines.

Michael Daniels
Michael Daniels Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Old Saybrook, CT
Contact: [email protected]

Mike escaped the cold winters to attend Florida Tech in the sunshine state. He is a senior looking forward to graduating. Mike has his private pilot's license and plans to become certified to skydive in the near future. He spent the summer of '08 in Cleveland, OH working for Progressive Insurance as an IT developer.
Lindsay Graham
Lindsay Graham Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Space Coast, FL
Contact: [email protected]

Lindsay will write something here later...
Erik Olson
Erik Olson Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Chaska, MN
Contact: [email protected]

Erik is far to lazy to write anything here, and feels that anyone actually reading this is expressing some very stalker-like qualities and should seriously consider seeking help.

He does, however, enjoy cars that go really fast in style.
Dion St. Hilaire
Dion St. Hilaire Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
Contact: [email protected]

I lived with my parents and sister in Dominica. The backbone of my life is my family. I can truly say I have the best family anyone could ever wish to be born into. The foresight and rational thinking my parents have employed in raising me are largely responsible for many of my successes.

I am currently a Senior at Florida institute of technology pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Being almost finished with my degree I have completed many pertinent courses which make me a valuable asset to this team.

Unlike my colligue Ernie, I enjoy cars that go really fast sideways.